AHDI Prepares for Upcoming Website Re-launch

The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) recently announced their new partnership with Personify association management software (AMS).  The AMS system allows companies to store data such as member names and addresses on their websites.  The upgrade will allow AHDI to better track its data and improve its online store. 

Along with a new homepage, there will be several exciting features to the website.  Innovations such as breadcrumbs, which allow users to easily navigate through a website, will be installed.  The online shopping cart will be easier to use and include the widely popular ‘wish list’ feature commonly seen on other retail stores’ websites. 

While excited for the upcoming switch, AHDI cautions its members that it will take time to get the site up and running.  Therefore, the site will not be available from July1-9.  The website will still be able to be viewed, but order requests and purchase processing will be disabled.  Members can feel free to call AHDI at 1-800-982-2182 if they are in need of these services between the blackout dates.

Click here on July 10 to view AHDI’s new website: Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI)