8 Simple Communications Tips for Factoring Brokers

PRN Funding truly values the relationships that we have with our factoring brokers because they are so passionate about finding the best funding source for their clients. Yet, we’ve seen plenty of cash flow consultants who struggle with communicating with current and potential factoring customers. The invoice funding specialists put together a few pointers to help our factoring brokers focus and get the word out about your cash flow¬† business and PRN’s healthcare factoring services,

  • Figure out how much time you intend to dedicate toward honing your communications skills
  • Decide how much money you are willing to invest into communications
  • Start with a list of who your current customers (Current customers are your best customers!)
  • Begin a second list of who you want to have as new customers (Hint: Start with ones that are similar to your current customer-base.)
  • Ask you current customers how they prefer to communicate (i.e. phone, email, text, social media networks, etc.)
  • Use the same communications channels that you current customer prefer to speak to potential clients.
  • Ask for feedback on your messaging efforts and fine-tune where applicable

Sounds simple enough, right?