2012 Small Business Outlook

Small Business Trends posted the results of recent survey of 5,000 small business owners conducted by The Shafran Moltz Group’s.

Watch the video summary below:

Overall, the 2012 outlook for small business owners remains uncertain. Here are some of the survey’s highlights:

  1. 45% of respondents thought the economy was finally steady and do not believe there will be a double dip recession.
  2. Over 1/3 of the respondents thought that the economy was basically stuck in neutral or GDP could even decrease this year.
  3. 69% of small business owners thought they would see health insurance premiums increases from 5% to 20%, and a quarter of the respondents predicted premium increases of 20% or higher.
  4. 68% of the small business owners think that banks will stay missing in action for lending capital in 2012.
  5. The most common concerns small businesses mentioned for the coming year were how the continued uncertainty in the economy and gridlock in Washington affects their own inability to make decisions. Added fears were how the euro crisis and lagging home prices will hurt the overall economy in the long run.

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