2011 Medical Coding Salary Survey Results Are In

Last month, the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) announced the 2011 results for its annual salary survey of health care professionals on the business side of medicine. Participants included medical coders, medical billers, auditors, and physician practice managers.

Some of the survey’s findings include:

    1. The average salary for a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) was approximately $46,800.
    2. Approximately 62% of respondents said they work primarily in physician-based coding; 10 percent are hospital coders; and 16 percent said they do both types of coding.
    3. Respondents work in every specialty, with the greatest number in family practice (10.3%) and internal medicine (5.7%). Others include emergency medicine (5.2%), general surgery (4.5%), and obstetrics/gynecology (4.3%)—rounding out the top five specialties.
    4. The average wage in 2011 for a Certified Professional Coder (CPC®) was approximately $46,800 (up $1,400 from last year)

      Click here to see all of the 2011 Medical Coding Salary Survey’s results.

      3 Replies to “2011 Medical Coding Salary Survey Results Are In

      1. I agree with previous posters in that this year’s survey lacked the breakdown by specific credential and years experience, which are THE two key factors that will determine your pay at any given field. The rest of the info(geographic location, practice, etc…), is nice to know but not very helpful when trying to determinie your worth or asking for a specific salary/increase of your boss.

        I hope that the AAPC will return to the old format for next year and years to come. This format is quite disappointing, but the effort is appreciated. Thanks!

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