PRN Gives Thanks for Nurses

This Thanksgiving, we are thankful for the many nurses who serve their communities. Nurses work long shifts, often without a significant break, and their schedules may cross days, weekends, and holidays. They are tireless in their efforts to improve their patients’ experience while on the job.

Nurses are typically a patient’s first point of contact during a medical visit. They measure vitals and ask the necessary questions to set you up for the proper care. The nurse you encounter can set the tone for your entire visit.

Nurses must be calm under pressure. By the nature of their positions they spend more time with patients than any other medical professional, including in emergency and other potentially high-stress situations. A caring countenance can do much to soothe a patient and his family.

Nurses are your advocate with the physician. Doctors evaluate tests and observations to determine a diagnosis, but nurses are there to report your condition in the moment. They administer the medication that doctors order and speak out for or against procedures that are in your best interests.

When a woman is admitted to deliver a baby, for example, the labor and delivery nurse will take her birth plan and communicate it to the physician to make sure that patient has the best possible experience. The nurse will also, more importantly, communicate to the patient when deviations are necessary to preserve her wellness and that of her child.

Nurses provide peace of mind to patients and the concerned friends and relatives who accompany them. A nurse will sit down in the waiting room with anxious family and reassure them of the quality care their loved one is receiving. A nurse will bring an upbeat attitude into the room in order to lift a patient’s spirits, even if she has been on the floor for ten hours straight. That same nurse will also remove the complexity – and fright factor – from overly technical medical explanations.

Nurses are often companions to their patients, no matter the type of facility. The sight of one or two friendly, familiar faces throughout the day gives immeasurable comfort. This is especially true of nurses who care for our loved ones at the end of their lives.

Of course, not every nurse walks the halls of a hospital. Home care nurses spend hours a day traveling to their patients so they may convalesce in the comfort of their homes. Whether a patient is rehabilitating or receiving hospice care, these nurses allow them a measure of freedom and normality that they would otherwise lack. For many, it would not be possible to continue living at home without the help of a home care nurse.

The next time you encounter a nurse, whether you own a staffing agency or have a medical visit, don’t forget to thank them for all the work they do.

Happy Thanksgiving from PRN Funding!

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