Staffing World 2007 San Antonio

Last week, PRN Funding exhibited at 2007 Staffing World conference in San Antonio, TX. Overall, the show was slow for us exhibitors, but we did notice a couple of things during our stay.

There were a number of accounts receivable factoring companies on the exhibit hall floor, so the attendees we met were very interested in learning about how PRN Funding differed from the other factoring companies in the room. So we told them…

PRN Funding is the only factoring company who specializes in funding the medical staffing industry, and we are the only factoring firm who has medical staffing industry expertise

– has no monthly minimums or maximums

– has no term to our contract

– is extremely flexible when it comes to factoring because PRN Funding offers our clients the freedom to factor what they want when they want

We look forward to Staffing World 2008 in San Diego next year!