Obamacare Initiative Targets 500,000 Signups in First Month

Enrollment projections for the online marketplaces were high before countless computer glitches came into play. With the rollout of new ACA provisions, the Obama administration estimated that in October alone almost 500,000 people would sign up to participate in the new health insurance marketplace.

An internal memo issued on September 5 by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius listed monthly enrollment goals for Obamacare for each state, including Washington, D.C., up until March 31. Within the memo was an estimate provided by officials, stating that 494,620 people would enroll in the new healthcare initiative by the end of October.

These new health insurance markets, also known as exchanges in some states, were created to serve as accessible outlets to affordable coverage for the nearly 50 million uninsured people across the country. Four tiers of private, subsidized plans are available for middle-class individuals, while low-income consumers may be eligible for an expanded version of Medicaid that is available in states that have agreed to extend the program.

While the White House viewed the official launch of the new healthcare marketplace as a pressing priority, the October 1 rollout was quickly complicated with countless computer glitches. Consequently, several potential customers were unable to enroll for coverage. Although insurers have reported that signups have slowly been rolling through, the Obama administration still will not reveal enrollment numbers.

Aside from these glitches, other factors that may created enrollment issues were underlying problems that were bypassed in initial testing. As several users flocked online to sign up for the new coverage plans, software flaws and design mishaps that had been ignored earlier soon derailed the enrollment process. Regardless, the administration continues to work toward finding a solution to eliminating ongoing enrollment issues.