Medical Coding Services and HIPAA Compliance

In the temporary medical staffing industry, the necessity or non-necessity of becoming JCAHO compliant is a hot topic, which we have written about in the past in the Recruiting and Staffing Solutions Magazine: To Certify or Not to Certify. In fact, some healthcare staffing companies use their JCAHO compliance as a selling point when it comes to differentiating themselves from other medical staffing vendors.

Along the same competitive lines, we found a medical billing and coding blog who cautions healthcare providers to choose medical coding and medical billing vendors who are HIPAA compliant.

In their blog entry entitled, Worried about HIPAA Compliance when Outsourcing, the Outsource Management Group (a medical billing, medical coding, practice management and consulting firm located in Indiana) dishes out some advice that medical coding business owners might want to pay attention to when looking for prospective customers.