$30M Investment Helps Kabbage Keep Growing

Kabbage, an online financial service, plans to expand internationally with its recently raised $30 million dollars from providing working capital in less than seven minutes. Company CEO Rob Frohwein cites the lack of available capital for small companies the reason behind his company’s recent growth. Kabbage, one of the first companies to advance loans to “mom-and-pop” merchants, is the provider for online sellers to purchase inventory and resell them on eBay, Amazon, etc. The company makes their funds by taking a fairly small percentage of the advanced capital. Due to their success, the company is attracting investor attention from key investors of blockbusters Google, Facebook, and PayPal. Since last summer, Kabbage has managed to more than double their value with the new capital, in which they aim to devote in supply development, sales, marketing, and expansion into the United Kingdom. Not only is the company planning to diversify geologically, but also beyond the online merchant market. With the apparent financial growth, Kabbage expects to add jobs and square-feet to its office in Midtown Atlanta office. See the full story $30M Investment Helps Kabbage Keep Growing.