Not Supporting Small Business is Bad for the Economy

In the wake of the fiscal cliff debates, some are worried that big government is overlooking the little guy. According to Yahoo! Small Business, several leading business observers are criticizing the Obama administration’s treatment of small business.

Lloyd Chapman, President of the American Small Business League, recently posited that the government’s plan to fold the Small Business Administration (SBA) into the Commerce Department to try and save money is a folly. He is of the opinion that the merger would ultimately hurt small businesses and redirect money towards large corporations. He suggests instead that the SBA be strengthened and federal programs be directed towards the nation’s leading jobs creator.

Jim Clifton, CEO and Chairman of Gallup research, says that the continuing recession is the fault of elected officials who are not focused on creating wealth. He argues that they do not understand how important small business is, nor how crucial support is for small business success.

Small business is crucial to a functioning economy- but just how crucial remains to be seen. In the coming months and year, we will see more than ever the wide ranging effects of supporting or hindering small business success.

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