Cash Flow 2007 Dallas

Overall, the American Cash Flow Association’s (ACFA) 2007 trade show was a prosperous one for PRN Funding.Check out Nikki Flores’ thoughts on the 2007 Cash Flow Conference:

There was a lot of rain down in Texas, but it didn’t stop the motivated cash flow consultants from coming out of the woodworks. There was a steady stream of traffic stopping by the PRN Funding booth, with brokers stopping to pick up consultant packages and grab our Krispy Kreme donuts.

On a whole, the cash flow consultants we met were well-trained and eager to learn about PRN Funding’s niche in factoring for healthcare vendors. In addition to booth traffic, both of Philip Cohen’s (President of PRN Funding, LLC) presentations were well attended. Cash flow consultants who were unable to attend his presentations, “The other type of healthcare receivables” and “How to choose the best factor for your prospects” can receive free copies of the presentations by emailing