ASA offers new certification program to health staffing members

We saw this in the American Staffing Association’s (ASA) Staffing Week members e-newsletter, and thought we should share the information:


Learn the Laws That Affect Your Business

To help medical staffing professionals understand the complexities, ASA recently released a new state component to its certification programs, enabling staffing professionals and others to study the laws of all 50 states and the District of Columbia.


ASA offers two certification programs for individuals, both of which include the new state employment law component. The Certified Staffing Professional™ program reviews the myriad employment laws and rules that affect the staffing industry. The Technical Services Certified™ program reviews the many employment laws specifically relevant to technical, information technology, and scientific staffing.


Getting certified is easy.

1. Prepare for the exam by purchasing the study materials:

* Employment Law for Staffing Professionals

* Co-Employment: Employer Liability Issues in Third-Party Staffing Arrangements

* Federal employment law workbook

* State employment law workbook


2. Study at your own pace, and when you’re ready, take and pass the online exam.


3. After you have passed the exam, display your credentials on your business cards and stationery, and maintain your designation through continuing education. For more information, visit the ASA Web site.