Top Strategists Predict 2013 Stock Market Growth

The Mayans may have been wrong about 2012, but Wall Street equity strategists are hoping their 2013 prediction comes true. According to a survey conducted by Barron’s , they project that the Standard & Poor’s 500 is likely to grow by 10% next year, based on a stronger economy, foreign sales, and technology and energy shares. However, they all concede that the market could suffer greatly if no plan is set in place to avoid the fiscal cliff, and even if it is avoided it will be a “bumpy ride” for stock prices.

The industries most likely do well in 2013 are industrial outfits, technology, and energy. Companies with foreign exposure are also likely to do better in comparison with their domestic-focused counterparts. On the other hand, underperforming sectors are likely to be consumer staples, telecoms, and utilities.

Overall, the outlook for 2013 market is positive. There are some obstacles to overcome, but even with all the dangers market analysts are optimistic- which is good news for the rest of us.

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